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Chambers Builders Ltd aim to reuse and recycle wherever possible. We are currently awaiting feedback from our planning application from the environmental agency. So we can establish our very own recycling centre. This will enable Chambers Builders Ltd to process, recycle and reuse materials on site. Lowering the cradle to grave process and lowering our carbon emissions.

Our well-structured Site Waste Management Plan will provide the framework for the Three 'R's - Reduce/Re-use/Recycle - which, with buy-in at all stages, will reduce costs as well as protect the environment.

Chambers Builders Ltd Waste Management Plan 2008 will promote recycling at the projects birth. Chambers Builders Ltd will reduce waste through prevention - such as using materials which wont loose structural stability while preventing the impact on the environment, for example concrete piles in place of strip mass poured foundations.

Chambers Builders Ltd will reduce energy consumption and promote energy recovery by reusing our materials. This will save around 40 skips a year - a total of approximately 480 tonnes. Chambers Builders Ltd aim to reduce waste through minimisation of materials - through ordering and selecting the minimum quantity of materials without over ordering at a cost to our client and ourselves.

Chambers Builders Ltd aim to reduce disposal of waste by reducing the landfill amount by recycling our waste where ever possible.

We can sort through skips once removed from site. The waste-products can be piled and then recycled. For example: Metals - such as brass/copper/aluminum/lead and steel can be contained via COSHH and processed/recycled. Soil can be sorted and reused for landscaping. Hardcore can be recycled and reduced.