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Health & SafetyEmployee Health & Safety

Your most important responsibilities as an employee are:


  • To take very good care of your own health and safety
  • Not to wear jewellery or loose clothing if operating machinery
  • If you have long hair or wear a headscarf, make sure it's tucked out of the way (it could get caught in machinery)
  • To take good care not to put other people - fellow employees and members of the public - at risk by what you do or don't do in the course of your work
  • To co-operate with Chambers Builders, making sure you get proper training and you understand and follow the company's health and safety policies
  • Not to interfere with or misuse anything that's been provided for your health, safety or welfare
  • To report any injuries, strains or illnesses you suffer as a result of doing your job (your employer may need to change the way you work)
  • To tell Chambers Builders if something happens that might affect your ability to work (eg becoming pregnant or suffering an injury).
  • If you drive or operate machinery, to tell your Chambers Builders if you take medication that makes you drowsy.
  • To carry your PPE Personal Protective Equipment bag with you always, and to ensure it is fully stocked.
  • To carry your Personal First Aid Kit with you, and ensure it is fully stocked.
  • To ensure you always wear your safety boots, unless otherwise informed.