About Us

'Construction requires all our help to achieve lower carbon emissions across UK’.    

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Construction uses around 6 tonnes of materials each year for every man, woman and child in the UK
  • Construction and demolition produce more than 80 million tonnes of waste each year – 10% of which is unused in building materials
  • 50% of the UK's energy consumption results from construction (10%) or during the life of the building (over 40%)
  • 47% of UK carbon emissions are from servicing buildings.

With this in mind Chambers Builders Ltd is committed to a safe, sustainable and practical construction industry. Its importance is all around us in terms of   where we live and work, and how we move from one place to another. The construction sector is responsible for our homes, our hospitals, our schools, our roads, our water works, our railways, our offices and everything practical in which we live and use. Most importantly the FMB is committed to ensuring that government objectives for sustainability are practical.

Chambers Builders Ltd believes there are four key drivers to bring about a low carbon built environment:

  • The need to minimise waste across the industry
  • The need to reduce carbon emissions from housing and other buildings through innovation in materials and process
  • The need to create sustainable communities and a sustainable work force, and
  • The need to give as much specific and practical advice as we can, directed to real design and site activity

Chambers Builders Ltd hopes to be able to play a fuller and more constructive role in building the new greener Britain, by establishing its new recycling centre as part of Chambers Builders Ltd Site Waste Management Plan.

References: www.buildingagreenerbritain.org.uk