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Infrared Tarmac Repairs

Chambers Builders Limited can repair your existing tarmac surfaces using the latest environmentally friendly technology, minimising waste, removing hand and arm vibrations works and associated disc cutting operations, whilst providing a longer lasting patch repair, under a quiet operation which is a cost effective highway maintenance.

We have several sized machines using propane to produce an infrared heat to soften existing surfacing. Special bitumen binders to replenish the lost binder content and topping up with fresh tarmac kept warm in hot boxes. Our crews have experience in working on various surfaces including, HRA, Bitmac, SMA and surface dressed materials. The process is quick, efficient and produces a longer lasting patch than traditional patching.


Chambers Builders Limited can provide full training and maintenance back up.

  • An American System designed in 1983
  • Uses Propane to heat a ceramic blanket
  • This in turn transmits an Infrared heat into the tarmac
  • By switching on/off the surface is gently heated
  • Once heated to around +180deg C the unit is removed
  • The tarmac is then ready for recycling
  • Rejuvenation liquid is added to the existing surfacing
  • Any depressions are topped up with fresh material, kept hot in the purpose made 1.5T hotbox
  • A surface sealer is applied with grit for added skid resistance

Operational Advantages

  • Health & Safety for operatives avoiding the use of breakers reducing the risk of H.A.V.S.
  • Reduced traffic disruption, less working space required on the highway.Far less noise, no compressor, only a roller.
  • Reduced potential damage to services/street furniture
  • Sustainable technology, recycles ALL materials in-situ.
  • Little or no waste disposal.
  • Much reduced use of raw materials.
  • Reduces highway maintenance, patches last longer.

Design Advantages

  • Leaves a heat sealed patch eliminating future joint failure.
  • Any sized patch, can be continuous.
  • Levels can be easily adjusted.
  • Pre-coated chippings can be easily added to HRA.
  • Depressions can be quickly raised.
  • Works around street furniture, covers & frames.